Business Intelligence SolutionsBusiness Intelligence Solutions

SQLSquare specialize in delivering accurate, actionable, and accessible information to our clients from their data. We align your business strategy with the data your organization already collects to provide you with the information you need to be more successful. Without investing massive resources for hardware, software and people. SQLSquare enables you to get answers to questions you wanted to ask about your business but couldn’t. SQLSquare builds systems that allow you to perform detailed analysis on any operational process, gain insight, and to make better informed decisions. SQLSquare can put together processes that collects that data from your operational systems and transform them into information that is most relevant for making informed business decisions.

Database Services

SQLSquare strives to improve the efficiency of your SQL Server & other Relational Database Management System bas
ed Database environment by delivering cost saving solutions with a quality focus. If you experiencing some of these implementation challenges or operational issues with your database environment, SQLSquare has a right solution for you.

  • Poorly performing systems
  • Insufficient maintenanceDatabase Solutions
  • Excessive backups
  • Insecure systems
  • Extended downtimes
  • Issues migrating and consolidating heterogeneous data sources
  • Administrative inefficiencies with your database
  • Inadequate or non-availability of technical skills
  • Inability to derive meaningful information from your data in timely manner

Cost & time overruns SQLSquare’s consultants strives towards a balance of SQL Server expertise, business proficiency and the invaluable ‘intangibles’ to solve complex problems. These intangibles include an affinity to quality solutions relying on comprehensive analysis, design & development and not to mention communication and implementation balanced by personable nature. We see this balance as the SQLSquare advantage. SQLSquare services will address your current needs and assist with future planning as you and your requirements grow. SQLSquare offers a wide spectrum of services to address your issues.

Database and Application Performance Tuning

Performance Analysis and tuning is the process of identifying and correcting system performance issues within your application environment. We take the time to best understand your system and determine platform areas which requires corrective measures to achieve the planned performance requirements. Our goal is to quickly determine the performance bottleneck and determine the needed course of action for today and into the future as your business and system needs continue to grow.

Database Compliance Solutions

Critical corporate data is stored in databases, and this data is growing at ever increasing rates. Stakeholders including customers, partners, auditors and regulators are demanding more accountability of the data stored in these databases. These challenges demand a comprehensive, unimpeachable audit record that lets you know how data assets are accessed, and that they are used appropriately. There is a critical need for addressing the inherent risks associated with the use of data, and to meet regulatory compliance requirements. SQLSquare can help you:

  • Identify the critical databases and objects within the database that require auditing.
  • Identify, procure and implement the right auditing tools for your requirement. We already have identified, evaluated, tested and implemented these tools at various sites. This can save you potentially lot of time and resources to evaluate and identify the right tool for your requirement.
  • Implement the auditing solution
  • Evaluate the performance impact of the auditing on your production servers