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PharmaSMS is a Sales, Professional Allowance and Commissions Management System for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. PharmaSMS solves the challenges associated with management of Tier 2 (Distributor to Pharmacy) sales, management of professional allowance and commission management.





  • Consolidate Distributor to Retail (Tier 2) Transactional Sales Data in your own Data warehouse rather than relying on the third party information
  • Map products and customers from various distributors to a master set of customers and productsBusiness Intelligence
    Manage complex Professional Allowance and Sales Rep Commission rate structures and changes
  • Process Professional Allowance Payments and Sales Commission Payments
  • Calculate Professional Allowances and Sales Rep Commissions
  • Calculate Gross, Net and Margin to better understand the sales environment
  • Eliminate manual processes that are heavily dependent on spreadsheets
  • Analyze your tier 2 sales data like never before
  • Meet regulatory requirements by extensive regulatory reporting
  • Seamlessly Integrate with your other systems of Records


SMS Architecture

PharmaSMS Modules

Please contact us and request for Gain Insights on Tier 2 Sales Data whitepaper today to help you understand whether PharmaSMS is a right solution for your organization.